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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Class 3

A 'summery' of the last few weeks.

We have really enjoyed the weather and have used our environment to help our learning as much as possible.

We learned about how shadows are formed and how they change.





We did some work on measurement - our volume and capacity work was done outside but we didn't risk the camera!


For our Ping Pong treat we chose a visit from Luna the puppy and wrote beautifully persuasive letters to Rockman - please do look at them when the children bring their books home, I was very proud of them all.


After an exhausting hour of doing tricks for treats, Luna enjoyed a lovely story.


We have taken our reading to the field and made videos of the life cycle of a flowering plant on the EYFS stage. 


We were visited by Margit Mulder,illustrator of the Squarehead series of books. The children read the sequels they have written to her and then illustrated their own book cover.



Thank you once again for all your support and help over the year. I have noticed and appreciated all that you have contributed. The cardboard and cups to make our volcanoes, the syringes to make the plants that didn't work, the hours spent listening to children read, bringing your tiny ones to join in the fun, giving up time, sharing expertise, coming on trips and everything else that has temporarily slipped my mind. 

Wishing you all the best for a relaxing summer, Dr M x


Wool You Believe it?

What a fascinating first half of the term Class 3 have had! A conversation between myself and Mrs Lickman at the end of last term about spinning has developed into some lovely learning for all of us.

Carol very kindly came to visit us, bringing part of a fleece from one of Mrs Lickman's sheep, carding brushes, a spinning wheel and lots of expertise and patience.

We learned how to use carding brushes to comb the wool...

... and how this makes a rollag.

Carol then showed us how she uses a spinning wheel to turn the rollag into wool,

before showing us how to use a Niddy Noddy to make a skein.

We were all fascinated to see Carol show us how wool would have been spun using a spindle in Tudor times - she made it look so easy but I tried and it was very difficult.

We all found this so interesting that we decided to try and learn more. Mrs Lickman got up very early one Sunday morning and videoed her sheep being sheared. Watching the video prompted some lovely writing about how the sheep might feel about the shearing process. 

The following week, Spot and Haribo came to visit and we enjoyed meeting such confident little lambs (and learning about how their tails are removed.)

We were then joined by Molly's dad and 4 much bigger sheep in the car park.

We all enjoyed watching the shearing and were lucky to see a pair of hand shears similar to ones which would have been used in Tudor times as well as the electric ones used now.

 We were amazed by the size of the fleece and by how different it felt (and smelled) to the washed fleece we had seen before.


Having seen so many aspects of wool production for themselves, lambs, sheep, shearing, raw fleece, washed fleece, carding and spinning, the children wrote some poems from the point of view of the wool. The poems are lovely and we have plans to write them up in best and illustrate them to make another class book.

Many, heartfelt thanks to all parents and visitors who give up their time to so enthusiastically enrich our learning, we are very lucky!



Today was Roman Day and we were lucky to have this period in history brought to life by our resident expert! We began by thinking about where the Romans fit in the bigger picture of history and made a timeline (Cross curricular maths! I was 950000 BCE until I hopped out of line to take the photograph)

We then handled artefacts (some of them were actually from 2000 years ago which linked really well to our learning about Easter).





We tried some Roman delicacies...


... and ended up by learning about what the Romans did for the modern world. We also learned about their religious beliefs.

We are looking forward to sharing more of our learning with you next week in our assembly.


Class 3 welcomed February with a truly Magnetic Day!

Many thanks to Team Magnet.


Today we covered most of our science objectives for the term by immersing ourselves in Magnet Day. We learned about and explored the properties of magnets, investigating what items are and are not magnetic and learning about polarity.

Magnet Man and Magnet Woman helped us learn about electromagnets and we investigated the effects of different cores, different coils and different cells.  Here are a few photos of our exciting day.



 Happy New Year!

The new term has started with a bang...

Part of our Italia topic includes learning about volcanoes. We began Volcano Day buy thinking about what would happen if we needed to evacuate because the (imaginary) Selling Volcano was going to erupt. We decided what we would take with us and why we would need it. We then wrote poetry about the things we would miss.



We made paper mache volcanoes and painted them before making them erupt on Friday afternoon.





We were very lucky to have an Australian teacher, Miss Garard, visit our class on Friday. She brought us some koalas and we enjoyed showing her our school.


Our science learning will be about forces and magnets, we are planning to have a whole day of investigations later in the term... In RE we are focusing on parables and what Jesus wanted people to understand from them. 


Week ahead sheets will continue to come home each Friday and homework will continue to be set weekly. Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns. Best wishes for 2018, 

Dr M.


Rock day!

Rock Man came to visit class 3 today. We enjoyed looking at, touching, describing and learning about lots of different rock samples. We learned about how different rocks are made and even suggested a better superhero costume for Rock Man. We enjoyed our fun and learning packed first day back, here are a few photos from this morning.


A Message from the Class Teacher, Dr Mahdavi-Gladwell


2017-18 Curriculum Information.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Key Stage 2!


We will begin by consolidating and extending our understanding of place value before covering addition and subtraction then multiplication and division. At this stage the focus is on conceptual understanding rather than using formal methods. Most of our work early in the year will be looking at mental calculations and supporting these with annotations. Often this will provide the backbone skills children will need to complete more challenging calculations mentally.

Children will practise maths 4 mornings each week (we get changed for PE on Mondays) and will have a brief tables test on Thursdays. These will be recorded in the homework book to enable you to keep in touch with your child's learning.


Our English work will focus on a variety of skills and each week or two we will complete an extended piece of writing to apply the skills we have learned and practised. The children will evaluate and improve their work individually, with a peer and with adult support. Weekly spellings will be sent home and tested each Thursday. Again, the spellings tests will be done in the homework book so you can see how your child is getting on. The children will practise the words we are learning in their handwriting books 4 mornings each week (see my earlier note about Mondays...) and joins and style will be corrected to support the development of fluent, cursive writing.


Our first topic is Stone Age to Iron Age, this will be followed by Me On The Map, Italia, Romans, Tudors and, finally, Castles and Coastlines. I aim to link the children's topic work with maths and English wherever possible so that they experience a connected, integrated and creative curriculum. If you have any skills or specialist knowledge that would contribute to our learning, please let me know! 


Our science topics are Animals Including Humans, Rocks, Forces and Magnets, Light and Planets. Our learning will include practical and written sessions and we learn how to work scientifically throughout our science learning.


In year 3 the children learn about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We, of course, have a Christian focus to our daily Collective Worship and reinforce our school Christian Values throughout the school day.


We have PE with Mr Booker on Monday morning and at another time during the week, usually Wednesdays. Please ensure that PE kits are in school at all times.

Other subjects

The children will have a music lesson with Mrs Wilmott each Thursday. We have weekly Current Affairs sessions as well as learning about PHSE, computing, art, French, our language of the term and anything else we can fit in!


Maths and English homework will be set on alternate weeks on a Friday and is due in by the following Wednesday. Please remember that homework is optional.

Week ahead sheets will continue to be sent home every Friday detailing our learning for the following week, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see me if you have any queries or concerns at any point.

Thank you for your continued support,

Dr M.